Corey and Sons: Tobacco

North Carolina has a steep history of growing tobacco. Although much of the North Carolina economy has transitioned to focus on more global jobs, eastern North Carolina continues to thrive in agriculture. Tobacco is one of the largest crops grown in North Carolina today.

Corey Farms was founded as a tobacco farm nearly 75 years ago and this continues to be one of our largest crops we harvest today. Our farm grows flue-cured tobacco. Flue cured tobacco involves drying out the tobacco leaves in heated barns that use oil and gas burners. This curing process takes 8-9 days per barn.

Although one of our longest seasons, tobacco season is one we have become accustomed to here at Corey Farms. Tobacco is planted within our own on-site greenhouses in February, transplanted to the field in April, and finally harvested in July. Then, the tobacco goes into our barns to begin the curing process. After 9 days being cured in our heated barns, the tobacco is taken out of the barns, packed, and sent to market.

Corey Farms works hard to ensure that our tobacco crop exceeds our vendor expectations. Our farm looks forward to future seasons growing tobacco.